Training Session on Cingoli Track

During all the week end of april and may Cingoli track will not available exclusively for any team because in this period there are a lot of Motocross races and riders need to use the circuit.

If you want you can have the track exclusive use for training during the week, from Tuesday to Friday, for minimum two days.

The costs is, each day, with reserved track, hot showers, bike and quad and sidecar wash service (no food) : 60 euro any rider (1 quad or 1 sidecar).

During the week end (Saturday and Sunday) all the team and the national team - quad or sidecar - can make practice with the others, especially bikers: the Moto Club can organize rounds of practices from 10 a.m to 5 or 5,30 p.m. (with a stop from 1 pm to 2 p.m. for the lunch): they can organize 40' for bikes, 40' for sidecars, or quad, 40' bikes'40' quad and sidecar, and so on...

In addition, the italian federation and the moto club will give to all the national team the possibility to take part at the italian championship race in Cingoli, june 18th: riders will can use the track on Saturday for the free practice and Sunday for the race.
To partecipate riders need the permision from their own national federation.

For any informations please call : +39.0733.602542  or mobile phone 39.328.2818211

Or write to or

USA vince il Quadcross delle Nazioni

sidecar nazioniAlla sua prima partecipazione al Nazioni di Quadcross la squadra degli Stati Uniti fa il pienone. Vince a mani basse con nove punti totali contro i 16 dei secondi classificati, i francesi, vincitori nel 2016, mentre l'Irlanda riesce a portare a casa il terzo posto con 40 punti complessivi.

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